The exhibition at the Research Institute 21 (Bronnitsy, Moscow Region) submitted a new version of two-terrain vehicle "Unzha" SBU-3402.

The main features of the new model from the previous one (SBU 3401), is the absence of the suspended idler to the chassis of the machine. His role is performed by the rear support roller that is larger than the other. It is possible to reduce the overall length and a curb weight of the car, while maintaining the same load capacity and passenger capacity. Another innovation is the caterpillar belt made of metal-reinforced polyurethane. It consists of 7 individual elements 1m interconnected tarsus. Unlike the integrally cast caterpillars, such a construction has better maintainability and serviceability. Significant changes have been made to the control system and the rotary coupling, transmission and chassis components. In packaging machines, an apparatus of the diesel engine ISUZU. *