"Plant-terrain vehicles" started to fulfill orders for bridges modernization with the installation of the wheel gear on snow and marsh buggies like "Mammoth" under the tires Bel-44 1700-750-R24 low pressure, thus increasing the ground clearance of up to 780 mm and to reduce the load in the transmission more than 2 times. Bridges portal-type hub reduction of production of LLC "SBUs" are introduced and used in the design of off-road vehicles OOO "OKB PTS" - "HARP-P", Moscow (see photo.).

The orders for the modernization of bridge GAZ-3308, GAZ-33081, GAZ-66 with the installation of a gear wheel tires IYAV 79-1400-540-R21,3-24 with the issuance of a set of documents on the car refitting.