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Transport platform (TP) with with rotary screw drive (RSD) is designed to operate in a moisture saturated soils, swamps of all categories, afloat, in the virgin snow as the vehicle is equipped with various technological equipment (excavator, crane, dredging pump, etc.) for carrying out construction, reclamation, rescue, etc. works. In the basic configuration of TP is equipped with a 2-seater cabin, engine block heater, shaft PTO (100% of the power of the internal combustion engine) to drive process equipment, bilge pump.
Транспортно-технологическая платформа с роторно-винтовым движителем (ТП с РВД)
Technical characteristics
b General data
1 Length (Total),m 5,5
2 Width (Total), m 2,8
3 Height (Total for Cabin), m 2,5
4 Maximum total weight , kg 5.500
5 Load capacity, kg 1.500
6 Kinematic speed limit, km/h 25
7 Max floating speed, km/h 10
8 Base, mm 1.800
9 Ground clearance, mm 400
10 Diameter rotor cylinder,mm 800
11 Ridge height, mm 100
12 Temp Zone Max 35°C / Min -40°C
c Tech/ Performance Aspects
1 Engine CUMMINS ISF3.8 Diesel Common-Rail turbo-charged with intercooler
a Power, kW/ Hp 112/152
b Torque, N*m 417
c Volume, litre 3,8
2 Steering System: Pneumo assisted power steering
3 Transmission: mechanical, manual drive
a Coupling One-disk, dry friction with a hydraulic actuator
b Gearbox Manual 5-speed, mechanical
c Additional gearbox Manual 2-speed, mechanical
d Main transfer One-stage, bevel gearing
e Final drive One-stage, bevel gearing
f Turn mechanism Multiple-disk dry friction clutch with a strap brake
4 Brakes brake on transmission shaft 
5 Rotors welded steel
6 Self Start engine is equipped with pre-heater
7 Suspension not available
8 Power Supply 12/24 V DC
 d Optional extra (not included in machine price) at the request of the buyer
1 hydrostatic transmission  
2 remote control  
3 automatic control via GPS navigation