Нет дороги? Достаточно выбрать направление!

ATVs are gaining popularity among hunters and fishermen. Because of its terrain, they are indispensable to move in confined spaces.

Among the huge number of all-terrain vehicles, submitted in the domestic market, a special place is occupied by snow and marsh buggies used to carry out geological surveys, construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, power lines, forestry, emergency elimination. These machines are increased requirements for reliability and performance parameters.

"Plant-terrain vehicles" manufactures wheeled and tracked snow and marsh buggies light class for the various sectors of the economy. In recent years, these machines are increasingly being used by companies engaged in the tourism industry, ohotho- farms, individuals. High technical performance, reliability, comfort, ease of management and maintenance provide snegoboloto- passages labeled "SBUs" the confidence of the buyers. Each of the base model ( "Uhtysha", "Uzola" two-tier "Unzha" wheel "Siver") has a number of modifications, different performance of cargo and passenger compartment, engine type, lifting capacity, the presence of additional equipment. It also provides the ability to install on machines of various kinds as a track and wheel propulsion for the purpose of their adaptation to the maximum anticipated operating conditions.