Author: Eugene Lyubimova
Photo Victoria Ilyinsky

"What did not come up with the Russian, not to build good roads ..." Nizhny Novgorod here, for example, created a light tracked vehicles "Uhtysh" and "Uzola".

In off-road specific pressure factor on the ground is everything. It is clear even Losers familiar with physics on the level of apple falling on his head. You can try to put on a big SUV wheels, reduce the weight of the machine, but can not jump over your head. And to achieve the specific ground pressure 12.5 kPa, shows "Uhtyshom" in wheeled vehicles (with the exception of all-terrain vehicles on the "pneumatics") is not possible. However, there is an installation option instead of wheels caterpillar mover, but it is a half-measure.

"Uhtysha" Dashboard. Right pneumatic gauge, in the center of the toggle switch pump boat


The classic question that arises at the sight of an extraordinary vehicle is: how much he eats, and is rushing? Standing all modifications slightly more than 1 million rubles. Appetite depends on how to go, where to go and what kind of motor used in this instance. On average, a hundred kilometers off-road crashes in the pipe about 28 liters of petrol, or a little less than diesel. As for the "maximum speed", then it is very serious for tracked vehicles - 60 km / h. These are the basic performance characteristics, so that we can now move on to specifics.

Painted metal front panel "Uzola" - a classic of the domestic interior

This multi-purpose vehicle with tracks The rubber produced at the plant of all-terrain vehicles, located in Nizhny Novgorod. Most of the units in its design is taken from the various models of the domestic automotive industry. For example, the power unit and the transmission of the uazovsky, AIR Pazovsky, pnevmokrany of tractors and so on. N. The first model was the brainchild of the plant "Uhtysh", which showed interest in many organizations in need of a light all-terrain vehicle. And not only interested but also bought. And to date, more than a dozen copies of works in oil, geologists and power engineers.


"Uhtyshom" refers to a modification to the top of the UAZ-469. A "Uzola" named the same but with "buhanochnym" top UAZ-452. The design is based on the boat, within which the powerplant and transmission. Vodoizolirovannaya boat, but not airtight. Therefore, before the swim must be included bilge pumps and lowered by means of a traction drive of the interior plate, standing in front of the radiator. Speed on the water is 4-5 km / h due to rotating tracks, but you can hang any outboard at all.

Beauty from within the models do not differ from uazovsky, and the number of seats depends on the modification. Minimum two, maximum, in a large "Uzola" - eight. Of course, from the spaciousness of a body depends on the weight of the car, but the difference is small. Curb weight "Uhtysha" is 2700 kg, and "Uzola" - 2800 kg. The list of optional equipment includes roof rack, power bumpers, winch, autonomous heater, as well as almost every whim for your money.


The main and most expensive in the all-terrain vehicle is a caterpillar. The design of the tracks on the back of the original stiffness. The basis of the truck - a metal plate with the "tooth", encased in a rubber-cord shell. Within each truck two rubber hinge pressed (RLL). Truckee connected to each other with iron plates, called tarsus, worn on the fingers of RLL. Well, to the tarsus, in turn, attached elastic rubber expanders (namely expanders instead expanders). According to the results of operation and test the design of fixtures and shape change. Now apply a modified version, and expanders not break off contact with the stones.

The factory warranty on the tracks is 8000 km, but in practice their life when operating on soft ground much more. Should each of them 130 thousand. Rub. For example, in the Swedish "Moose" (all-terrain vehicle of two-BV-206) price for each start with 160 thousand. Rub., But we must not forget that they are there and they are four-piece without detachable units.


About caterpillars have a well-known anecdote. "... Do you want really?" - Asked the Fairy in tankers, repairing a caterpillar, after their obscene answer to the question what they are doing. Of course, we want the soldiers said. And then the tank fell off the tower ... But for all-terrain vehicles SBUs this anecdote is irrelevant, and the manipulation of the tracks are not very complicated. Having left a couple of trucks and pin teeth, can be repaired by yourself even in the wilds of the Amazon. As he told us the test once at a major exhibition during a demonstration race at the top of the snow pile jumped slack caterpillar. However, the show eager for bread and circuses viewers did not get. One caterpillar "Uhtysh" downstairs. A fugitive back to the place it was a matter of technique, two of them quite affordable for people, and it took just half an hour.

And during our pokatushek we had a chance to get acquainted with the structure. As we rode on the first snow, mechanics forgot to set snegochist. This is a tricky word called iron finger entering into the guide slot of the drive sprocket. As a result, after driving through the water and mud she crouched frozen snow with clay, and the caterpillar out of engagement. Key, which weakens the tensioner in the vehicles was not yet put drivers shustrenko caterpillar back with wooden sticks.


In "wedgies" motion presented by independence funny feeling of relief and soil type. Go in them comfortably. The course is soft, no shaking and close is not observed. Is that the sound insulation is practically absent. Inside, the heat, and summer ventilation contributes to the huge hinged hatch. On the driver's sense of the unusual, at first annoying lack of the brake pedal. But it is not necessary - you pull both levers on zadeystvuesh and band brakes. And in turn it is necessary to pull one of the levers, located at a certain similarity of the steering column. Clutch of the board, towards which we must turn, turns off, and all the time starts to go to the opposite friction. And in addition, the trailer is braked board also band brake. Unusual is the lack of inertia reel. Change gear must quickly without losing speed. But in general, all-terrain vehicles to manage simply and addictive takes very little time. By the way, "Uhtysh" and "Uzola" certified as tractors.


Engines to "Uzola" and "Uhtyshe" may be different. The most affordable gasoline engines is ZMZ-409-10 or UMP-4218-10. But the power and traction characteristics of the latter is not enough to significantly potyazhelevshy "goat". So in most instances is now produced diesel ZMZ-514, get rid of problems with the unit head, typical for the beginning of production. However, the technology can be installed in any motor vehicles. For example, customers brought their engines complete with transmission and currently several machines go to "nissanovskim" turbodiesel RD28.

The standard gearbox uazovsky 4-speed, it is docked with a two-stage transfer case. Factory workers at one time put 5-stu-Arzamas-stage gearbox, but they proved to be disgusting. The body of the main transfer of the GAZ-71, and that is joined to him, already original. Drive through the rear sprocket, and the front is "sloth". Of torque transmission through the short drive shafts on final drives head of the multi-disc clutches dry friction. Control pneumatic clutch, and for system diagnostics on the front panel of the gauge displayed.

In the production line of the plant have all-terrain vehicles and all terrain vehicle "Kerzhak": the body of the "Gazelle", based on the gear axles of the tractor MTZ-82 with low pressure tires, providing ground clearance of 700mm


Suspension models have lever-independent torsion. Ground clearance is 400 mm. On the front and rear balancers applied shock. Road wheels - six pieces on each side - and double rubber-coated, and top are three support rollers.