"Full drive 4x4" magazine (August)

Text and photo: Andrew Farobin

About GAZ-66 abilities to conquer the off-road legends, not too far from the truth. have come to be replaced by SEA-3308 "Sadko" weight distribution is not as successful, but the truck is not too far a miss. as it turned out, the already high bar patency of these machines actually raise to an unattainable level.

Modified car was named "Siver". In consonance with the North, where this technique is just the most in demand. However, if we have enough places where the road ... well, as if mildly? - Well, you know what I mean. Instead of building them, at least some, we come up with machines that do not need expensive or almost not needed. And our open spaces oblige...

There were snow and marsh buggies on the low-pressure tires. In certain cases, it is difficult to find a worthy replacement - on the same swamps and virgin snow, but muddy clay tracks on Forestry glades here these cars go does not matter. I personally saw this during a trip along the "dead road" (see. "PP4h4" №12 for 2011). Once upon a time my friend and I found myself in a forest area just on the all-terrain vehicle of this type. The verdict of the local was clear: "By no means leave - all tires pokolete". But the people goes, it suffers: what is - a standard wheeled vehicles are no longer rides and tracks - it's a different story altogether. On the "Mill-terrain vehicles" that near Nizhny Novgorod, in collaboration with "Spetsteh" produce small batches more than GAZ-66 or "Sadko" just for snegoboltohodov replacement in places where they operate, you can, but do not.

Stilts for "Sadko"

The idea is not original: increased ground clearance and, accordingly, set huge wheel. Both of these factors dramatically affect the permeability. In standard driving axles hung final drives of their own design. Since the external gearing, the mechanism requires three shaft - otherwise no vehicle go forward and backward. The total gear ratio transmission more equal 2.06. In practice the tested sample TyRex Agro dimension 21,3R24 tires were installed (there IYAV-79 of the same size, but the diagonal). The outer diameter of the wheels is 1400 mm, which is 460 mm longer than the regular setting. As a result, the vehicle can pass on his haunches - ground clearance is 650 mm. Let me remind you: as built in "Sadko", as in the GAZ-66, it is 315 mm. Of course, in addition to increasing the ride height final drives work to increase the torque on the wheels, because otherwise the regular engine and transmission should not be played.

As for the chassis taken from the production of GAZ-66 and still alive "Sadko" virtually identical set of gears and wheels (plus the original rear axis and the outer parts of the front CV joints and brackets for attaching gear) suitable for installation on both the truck. Actively buying first. Drivers and passengers here will not envy: no management convenience, any comfort. The double cab version, too, is impossible, but there is a circumstance for which all is forgiven. Said advantage in weight distribution has nothing to do with it - everything is much more prosaic: a car is cheaper, because "shishiga" take b / y, and "Sadko" - a brand new, the assembly line. Price lists obtained markedly different. True, and the condition of the machines, to put it mildly, is different. GAZ-66 before the retrofit should still result in a sense, the same magic on a new car is much nicer. Although there may be surprises on the "Sadko", on which I rode, only test driver was able to connect the front axle ... from the back foot. So it is not so simple. But "Sadko" is the factory version with a diesel engine MMZ D-245, which is much better than the gasoline engine 3M3-513. Often passing bought a diesel unit to "shishiga" to not have problems because of the lack of torque on huge wheels.

Tilt Wheel is not needed

However, it is not necessary to buy a car completely refurbished - you can install a set of wheels and gears on their own certified truck, and this option appeal to many customers. UAZ is not, of course, the scale of a few other details, without light mechanization can not do. For example, the gearbox weighs approximately 80 kg and wheel assembly with the disk - under 200 (Tilt Wheel, by the way, because of their size and weight is not provided at all: there is suspension, really get to the base and run-flat tires - tires with a multilayered ply kill not so easy). The machine becomes heavier - falls payload, which it is able to bear? All true, but rarely use such trucks for transportation of goods major, best demand is not a truck with a large platform and a double cabin, a hybrid with a double five-seat cabin and Kurguzov Kuzovkov behind. Home itself with a light expeditionary belongings to get to where no ordinary "shishiga" or triaxial "Ural" will not reach. This problem is also facing hunters (privates or fishers), and in front of prospectors and to the many others who for various reasons have to move around the unexplored expanses of our country.

The ground clearance of 650 mm - a serious bid for continuity


Unfortunately, to really test driving performance "Siver" I was not able. Nearby lowlands dry out and go somewhere far not been possible. Yes, it's a long story, because the speed of the machine is small - long Stretches not for her. We are only a few times crossed the oxbow lake Volga, without suffering the slightest difficulty. We entrust to the driver Andrey Kravchenko as saying that the standard "shishiga" on shore would have hardly been able to get out on their own.

Staff speedometer is not necessary: the rate has fallen twice, so the scale of glued

All the salt structures - in the final drives

Let us listen to those who checked the car more thoroughly than we do. Here, for example, told Valery Lavrentiev from Kotlas (south-east of the Arkhangelsk region.), Director of "OrbitaLesServis" Forest Enterprise "We use" Siver "to deliver crews to remote forest areas. Or before the start of harvesting or after them - practically no roads in both cases. TREKOL not good, mainly due to the fact that the low-pressure wheels are not suitable for driving on forest - pierce them easily. When a hole in the bus you are in about fifty kilometers from the base, in perfect wilderness, it's just dangerous, because there is no place to wait for help. Reliable machines with nodes of UAZ, which here comes a completely different load, too, leaves much to be desired. Tracked vehicles are strong and are passable, but needed transportation to transfer them from one area of ​​work to another. The ride is necessary and normal solid roads and tracks it exists torment.

It is time to put the navigation lights

So we decided to try to use the ultra-high-road vehicle, all terrain vehicle and not narrow the scope of application. We chose the car on the basis of GAZ-66: credibility honored army truck higher than the relatively freshly baked "Sadko". To claim the upgraded powertrain is not - working without breakdowns. On very soft ground, "Seaver" great track cuts - is a minus. But moors, podbolochennym soils, it is not much better TREKOL: tires have good traction, do not skid. In sharp snags and stumps we now do not pay attention. Who ordered the third "Siver".

3BM-39081 "SIVER"
A type Inline 4-cylinder turbodiesel
Displacement, cm3 4/50
Max. power hp / rpm 122/2400
Max torque, Nm / rpm 423/1500
Type of drive Plug-full
PPC GAZ-3308, 5-speed
Front / Rear Dependent / dependent
Front / rear Drum / drum
Dynamic properties
Maximum speed km / h 55
Geometric characteristics
The length, width, height, mm 3250/2850/3100
Wheelbase, mm 3770
Track front / rear, mm 2150/2150
Ground clearance, mm 650
Maximum slope, deg. 35
The maximum depth of the ford, m 1,5
Weight, kg 7000
Tire size 21,3-24

These are the final words of Valery clearly show that the car turned, people like it, and they demanded.

For "Siver" is certainly not off-road, the machine is able to go on much deeper rut - we just did not find this.