Products Factory allows all-terrain vehicles are not available to take care of the roads.

For free movement in terms of the absolute off-road created a lot of special vehicles, good prerequisites to ensure enough. But the plant's output by all-terrain vehicles is unique - especially lung crawler ATVs class in Russia nobody else produces. Permeated with pride for his countrymen, to talk about the plant and its products.

LLC "Plant of all-terrain vehicles" (OOO "SBUs") is a manufacturer of tracked and wheeled off-road vehicles, which is engaged in the development of scientific research institute of transport vehicles and transport and technological complexes (NII TM TTC).

The basis for the creation of well-known companies around the country served as a laboratory of the NSTU-terrain vehicles. Since 1962 the laboratory has been developing all-terrain vehicles and a variety of components and assemblies for the technology, including the military. Really? It is!

The lineup consists of two factory crawler terrain vehicle very easy class - "Uhtysh" and "Uzola" and one wheel all terrain vehicle - "Kerzhak" on the low-pressure tires. Each of the basic models of all-terrain vehicles has several versions that differ in the performance of passenger and cargo compartment, the engine model and optional and technological equipment.

There are a number of developments, waiting for implementation and testing, but the employees of the company did not disclose until the card: "It's nice to show the finished product ..."

Most of the works for the production of machine parts and assembly of all-terrain vehicles run on its own development tool and assembly areas. ATVs most unified with serially produced equipment. Serial components cheaper, and in terms of maintainability are more profitable. Those works that "can not afford", placed at the enterprises of Nizhny Novgorod and the entire European part of Russia.

Customers, on the contrary, are mainly in the north and east. This oil, gas workers, geologists, hunters - forced "fans" of swamps, snow drifts and other impassable terrain. Recently, all-terrain vehicles are interested in energy and signalers. Before laying power lines and communication lines places too hard to get!

Earlier, people went to "tanks", regardless of the fuel consumption and the environment. In our time, we have to consider the money - that's the main reason for the sustainable demand for the products of "SBU". However, the volume of 5-10 trucks per month can not be called large. Such vehicles may not be massive, but at the moment, the company secured orders until the end of the year.

Plant all-terrain vehicles - it's a great material and technical base for the training of future specialists. It is no coincidence most of the workers - are former graduates of the Faculty of NSTU car.


Crawler floating terrain vehicle SBU-2410 "Uhtysh" is made on the basis of the original crawler chassis and has a two-volume body bonnet arrangement with the cargo-compartment, unified with cars UAZ-31512, -31514. ATV "Uhtysh" designed primarily for transporting people and small luggage in all types of non-cohesive soils, swampy terrain, virgin snow and afloat. Salon allows you to comfortably accommodate five passengers (including the driver) and a weight up to 50 kg. If necessary, the rear seats rover transformed, creating an additional amount of luggage. A distinctive feature of this model are minimum dimensions, providing not only the best maneuverability and review with the driver's seat, but also convenience in transportation.

In the base-terrain vehicle "Uhtysh" is equipped with bilge pumps, a winch bracket, with metal roof hatch.


Crawler floating terrain vehicle SBU-2411 "Uzola" performed on an identical "Uhtyshu" "Cart" and has a volume bodies with cargo-compartment, unified with cars UAZ-39094, -2206, and their modifications.

Depending on the body type all-terrain vehicle "Uzola" has three versions:

  • SBU 2411G - a double cabin and a cargo platform;
  • SBU 2411GP - a five-seat cabin and a cargo platform;
  • SBU 2411P - with all-metal wagon-volume bodies and utility compartment total number of seats from 2 to 7 and a total capacity of 550 kg.

Cargo rover platform enables the placement of various technological equipment according to the customer with the ability to connect to the power take-off shaft in the transfer case.

As the power unit offers two engines: diesel ZMZ-514, 110 hp and gasoline ZMZ-409 150 hp

Specifications ATVs "Uhtysh" and "Uzola"

  "Uhtysh" "Uzola"
Length / width / height on the trunk, mm 4195/2055/2050 4195/2055/2155
Gross weight / curb weight, kg 3200/2700 3250/2700
Number of seats, including the driver 5 5—7
Base / track / clearance, mm 2500/1655/400
Engine power, hp .:
gasoline UMZ-4218.10 / ZMZ-409-10 84/150
ZMZ-514 diesel 110
Clutch Single plate, dry friction, hydraulically
Transmission Mechanical, 4-speed
Additional transmission Mechanical, 2-speed
Swinging mechanism Onboard clutch dry friction, multi-disc, with a stopping band brake
Drive control friction clutches and stopping brakes Pneumatic
Driving wheels The rear-location, with interchangeable rims
Average ground pressure at full load, kPa (kgf / sq. Cm) 16 (0,16)
Maximum speed on paved roads (engine ZMZ-409), km / h 60
The speed afloat, km / h 4—5
Fuel tank capacity, l 2х65

Alexander Sorokin
Photos of "SBU"