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Complete sets and prices
In a basic complete set the all-terrain vehicle Ukhtysh is equipped with an engine heater, the water pump, an arm under the winch, the folding hatch.
Petrol ZMZ-409.10 — 143 h.p.
Diesel ZMZ-51432.10 — 113,5 h.p.
Diesel CUMMINS ISF2.8 — 120 h.p.

The offered types of caterpillars

Metal links caterpillar with the open metal hinge (OH)
Width -
390.00 мм
Step -
128.00 мм
Rubber links caterpillar with rubber-metal hinge (RMH)
Width -
400.00 мм
Step -
115.00 мм
Metal links caterpillar with the rubber-metal hinge (RMH)
Width -
390.00 мм
Step -
128.00 мм

All-terrain vehicle with retractable roof

Technical characteristics
1.General data
Maximum total weight/ load capacity, kg
Quantity of seats (with the driver) 
Average soil pressure (maximum total weight), kPa
The maximum speed, km/h 
Floating speed, km/h
Capacity of gasoline tanks, l
80 (2х40)
Base/track/clearance, mm 
2500 /1655/400
Dimensions, mm
Length/width/height on a luggage carrier, mm 
4195 / 2055 / 2050
The petrol ZMZ-409.10
143 h.p.
The  diesel ZMZ-51432.10
113,5 h.p.
The  diesel CUMMINS ISF2.8
120 h.p.
One-disk, dry friction with a hydraulic actuator
Manual 4 or 5-speed, mechanical
Additional gearbox
Manual  2-speed. mechanical
Main transfer 
One-stage, bevel gearing
Final drive
One-stage, cylindrical gearing
Turn mechanism 
Multiple-disk dry friction clutch with a strap brake
Drive of turn mechanism 
Air-operated linkage
Parking brake 
Manual drive
4.Running gear, caterpillar 
Fully articulate independent suspension with torsion bar, shock-absorbers on 1 and 5 track rollers 
Track rollers and idler
Steel welded with rubber  rim
Track carrier rollers
Steel  with rubber rim
Driving wheels 
With replaceable steel sprocket 
Track tension adjusting  mechanism
Track idler recoil bar
Track chain, width
see types of caterpillars, 390-400 mm